Catholic What? Catholic How.

Catholic How


By Matt Janeczko, OFM Cap.

More than a year ago, when attempting to fix a name to this project, we played around with numerous words bearing inquisition in their context: how, what, and why come to mind. After settling upon “how,” the question then became where “how” would reside relative to Catholic. First thoughts suggested “How Catholic,” presented as a question could work. Then we realized the polemical connotations explicit in such a moniker: and let’s be honest, isn’t there enough polemic (Catholic included!) on the interwebs these days? From there, we thought “How Catholic” as a statement would be the next best thing. The flow didn’t seem correct and, quite frankly, the transposition of a period and a question mark seemed likely. And so we become and continue to be “CatholicHow,” a website produced by Catholic young adults seeking to consider the many ways “how” to be Catholic in…

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About Patrick Angiolillo

New York University PhD student, Hebrew & Judaic Studies // MAR, Yale Divinity School '16 // AB, Boston College '14 // @CatholicHow Contributor
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